Bedrock Roanoke Residency

Our Residency exists to equip, edify, and send ministry leaders to make disciples and multiply churches.


Earn a  master’s degree in Church Planting through the residency at Bedrock Roanoke through Liberty University. For more information click here.


Work with us through a one or two-year program designed to give you a hands on, coached, experience in almost every area of a disciple-making, multiplying ministry.


The goal of this Residency is to send you out to plant a new church! For two years you will gain experience, education, and build a team to reach people with the Gospel!

Why Residency?

Since the Church is God’s “Plan A” for the world, the most powerful and lasting ministry training is from and for the local church (Ephesians 4:11-12). Because of that, our residency is designed to  combine ministry experience and personal development with a foundational theological education for long-standing endurance and effectiveness in ministry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you looking for?

We’re looking for men and women who are hungry for God to use them in his mission. Applicants must be 100% committed to the  DNA of Bedrock Church Roanoke. Whether you end up in full-time ministry after our two year program or are just exploring ministry through our one year program, our residency will equip, edify, and send you to be an effective leader in the local church.

Will I have to raise support?

Yes. Each two-year resident is responsible for raising their own salary. However, we take the fear out of fund-raising by partnering with an organization that trains and coaches you through it. With the best tools and resources at your disposal, support raising will be an excellent training ground for future opportunities like planting a church.

Is housing provided?

We have access to a condo-style room for a single person. If this isn't available, you will be responsible for your own housing, but if you need to find a place, we would be glad to help.

What is the application process?

The application process consists of three stages:
- First, complete the interest form on this page.
- The second stage involves assessments through interviews built around the five C’s of Character, Calling, Chemistry, Culture,  and Competency.
- The third stage includes onboarding at Bedrock Roanoke.

Our Commitment to You

What does a week look like?

What you can expect from the residency.

A general idea of a week as a resident.

Our desire is that your two years with us will be something you can replicate as you make disciples yourself.

- 1:1 Ministry Coach Development
- Weekly Discipleship Meetings
- Hands on experience and ministry opportunities
- Practical and helpful weekly trainings
- Masters Degree from Liberty University*
- A network of pastors and leaders you can rely on.

We do not want to waste your time in our residency. A week with us would look something like this...

- Monday: Prayer/Sermon Prep/Staff Meeting (All day)
- Tuesday: Possible LU Classes / Work ON the Ministry
- Wednesday: Coaching Meetings with staff at Bedrock
- Thursday: Possible LU Classes / Work ON the Ministry
- Friday - Saturday: Time off/Special events
- Sunday: Work IN the Ministry